Indutrial Internet of Lights

Shanghai BiNY Electric Co., Ltd. is devoted to Industrial Internet of Lights (IIoL) & Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) solutions, which apply Internet of Things technology to such areas as ports, airports, expressways, and others.

Industrial Internet of Things

BiNY will provide professional full-stack solution that includes technical, product, project and Big Data expertise and services, from the initial stage of designing to manufacture, supply, implementation, commissioning, maintenance and data analysis for the entire life span of the lighting facilities made.
​      Rapid after-sale service
​      Professional design
BiNY's engineers will work out customized technical proposals and reports to terminal users registered with basic information and terminal layouts.
BiNY's authorized local maintenance team will respond immediately to any call from users and assign engineers to site in a maximum time of 48 hours.
Smart High Masts
Smart Luminaires
Smart Software
Smart Devices